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Acexcal-Reciclajes Elda S.L.
Acoem Plastic, S.L.
Ap-3 S.L
AP-3 S.l.
AP-3, S.L.
Asfaltos Chova, S.A.
Best Way Investment. SA
CanSur Management S.L.
Colimtex, S.L.
Comercial Fepama SLU
Deibi SLU
Dios Recycling Spain, S.L.
Fepama, s.l.
FMP Girona S.L.
Fumoso Industrial S.A.
General de Juguetes S.A.
Hijos de Vicente Sempere
Illice Universal
International New Vision, Ltd.
J J Chicolino, S.L.U.
Jingou Grupo SA
Jorge Frances, S.L.
Mediterranean Metal Trading España s.a.
Moltuplas, S.L.
Naome Group
New System Sl
Novadex Canarias SL
Palets Del Valle
Penin Plastic
Plasben S.L.
Plasticos Magonsa, s.l.
Plasticos Montison Sl
Polybase Plastics SL
Radici Plastics Iberica,S.L.
Rafael Nicolau Yarns
Recuperaciones Solé
Sebastia Llorens, Sl
Sernaplas S.L.
Tecni Plasper, S.L.
Tecni-Plasper, S.L.
Terraplast, S.A.
Terrarecicla S.L.

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